I love bright colours. There's no point denying it. I thought maybe I could give the muted, minimalist greyscale fashion a go but it's just not for me. Where's the fun in wearing black and grey in the summer? I'm all for the bright, wavy clothing. The wavier the better. This is summed up by my first experience of a London rooftop terrace party in Brixton where Toby and I rocked up in gold disco pants and space leggings respectively, while every other guy was sporting the classic white tee and blue jean combo and you couldn't tell one skinny jeaned, chelsea booted girl from another.


Of course I own skinny jeans and chelsea boots but sometimes it's good to mix it up. I mostly like having splashes of colour and crazy patterns, in clothes, in the flat and in food.


I'm really enjoying all the African patterns and fabrics that seem to popping up everywhere this summer and am seriously looking forward to festival season where anything and everything goes.